" However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Statistically Speaking Consulting will create and execute a customized analysis plan for you depending on your requirements and goals. We will provide regular updates and will be there to answer your questions throughout the entire project. We realize that statistics is foreign to most people, and we will make sure you are confident with the results and know how to benefit from them.

In general, these are the types of services that we offer, but it is not comprehensive, so please contact us to discuss the details of your project. We recommend that this conversation happen early in the process, particularly before the data is collected, since it is easy for biases and errors to be introduced that can greatly impact the validity of the results.

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Data Collection



Other Services

If you want to better understand how these services can be used to enable your organization to make better decisions, we have written a series of short, industry-specific case studies.

Case Studies

Here are samples of ideas for a variety of organizations.  We have a wide range of experiences across numerous industry sectors, but we are always interested in applying our skills to your project, even when it is different from what we have done in the past.

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Examples For Any Organization

We can all benefit from increasing our understanding of our clients and competition, as well as measuring the effectiveness of our organization's product or service. A common and useful technique for this would be to collect data from a survey completed by your clients. Statistically Speaking Consulting would help write this survey and determine the appropriate sample size needed to answer your questions. We would then publish an online version of the survey and manage the responses.

After analyzing the data, the numerical and graphical results would identify your current and potential clients, in order to gain better insights into your market. This quantitative research can also tell you what the clients think about our products or services, and why, so that you can measure your value, make changes within your organization, and/or see which clients to focus on. A comparison to your competition can further identify necessary improvements, as well as supplying a convincing demonstration of your advantage within your market.

If you have already performed the analysis or if you decide to do it yourself, Statistically Speaking Consulting can audit your plan and provide comments to make sure your results and interpretations are accurate and take full advantage of your data. We can also teach seminars or individual sessions if you want to better understand statistics.

Marketing Research & Product Development Examples

If data is available or can be collected through a survey (see above), Statistically Speaking Consulting can help marketing research and product development organizations or departments better understand consumers' opinions. For example, we would analyze perceptions about your product, as well as comparing it to a benchmark. This can then be used to make a claim about the effectiveness of your product, either on it's own or versus the competition.

In addition, we would develop a model to discover patterns in the data that explain who purchases your product. It's important to aim before you shoot, and this would provide a combination of factors that shows why some people like your product and others do not. This allows for more efficient marketing, and for providing feedback to the research & development group to design future products that better exhibit these characteristics, which saves time and money.

Biopharmaceutical Examples

Statistically Speaking Consulting has experience working on and researching clinical trials. We are available to analyze data from preclinical studies or any phase of a clinical trial using SAS according to your statistical analysis plan, which we can also help develop. Or you may have interest in exploring existing data separately from the analysis plan that was submitted to the FDA. For example, we can measure efficacy for particular subgroups. This can help establish usage and safety guidelines, or for designing future trials.

We have also presented and written research on methods for improved safety analyses, which are more likely to accurately measure the risks of a product without overestimating the problem.

Sports Team Examples

Sports statistics has always been an interest of fans, but more teams are realizing that quantitative research can be a key supplement to the information that scouts and coaches obtain from past experiences and film study. For example, to determine whether a player will do well for your team, Statistically Speaking Consulting can identify the right metrics to use and how to combine them for an accurate prediction of a player's future success. This is critical when players are transitioning from high school to college or from college to the pros, since the existing data is relative to a lower level of competition. It also helps to more accurately judge the benefit of a player, so that you do not overlook those who are undervalued by traditional methods and do not overpay for those that are overvalued.

In addition to finding the right metrics for individual players, we can help find the right metrics to identify the real areas where your team needs to improve. This can be used to change strategies for coaching decisions, or for front office personnel to find players that will have an impact in the needed areas.

In combination with your current process, these statistical results can improve your decisions so that you take better advantage of your limited resources, like scholarships, draft picks, and money.

Financial Services Examples

The benefit for banking and investment services is that there is a large quantity of data available, but this can also be overwhelming. The quantitative research provided by Statistically Speaking Consulting can identify trends over time, as well as to evaluate existing or potential strategies. For example, if there are certain market indicators that factor in to your decisions, we can help you measure the associated benefits and risks.

We are a good source for private equity and venture capital firms to gauge potential investments to reduce uncertainty. You can also refer us to the businesses in your portfolio that require the services of a statistician to make sure they are receiving the best analysis and advice.

Government & Economic Policy Examples

Various agencies and organizations want to assess the current situation as well as understand the future impact of their decisions. Unlike other fields where an experiment can be performed, these are frequently observational studies. Identifying cause and effect in this setting can be challenging, but we have a great deal of experience with causal inference methods that aim to discover these types of relationships within observational data.

Combining our operations research and statistics knowledge leads to an interesting application in which computer simulations can be performed. The results of which would be a distribution of outcomes associated with a particular policy, so that you can examine the potential benefits and risks and the chances that they will occur.

Legal Examples

Statistically Speaking Consulting is available to provide expert opinion and testimony for legal cases. We can analyze your data and determine the statistical significance of the results, as well as create any necessary graphics that can be used to demonstrate your case. We can also audit analyses performed by the other party to evaluate the accuracy of their claims.

Quality Control Examples

Combining our operations research and statistics backgrounds, Statistically Speaking Consulting can develop a quality control protocol for you via random sampling. Traditional applications are for manufacturing, logistics, or data entry organizations, but can be adapted to meet your needs. This would verify that you are performing at a high level without investing more time and cost in your evaluation than necessary. Graphical displays can be used to track individual and team performances for incentive purposes and to identify trends.