Our Goal

The world is rich with data, and today’s technology has allowed for easier and more affordable access to it.  The role of Statistically Speaking Consulting is to help you turn this data into information that enables you to make better decisions. 

Our Approach

We have a personal approach in which we work closely with you throughout your study, from planning to presentation.  We integrate our experience and quantitative skills, not only to do the appropriate analysis and modeling, but also to help you to construct your goals, determine the best strategy for data collection, gather the data, and present the results.  No matter the size of your organization or industry, there are numerous ways statistical analysis can help you do what you do better. See more detailed examples of how statistical methods can enhance your organization.
Most importantly, you can feel comfortable knowing that a Ph.D.-trained statistician will be there at every step to carefully explain our methods and results, in terms that make sense to you. That is why our motto is "sophisticated solutions. simply stated." Working with Statistically Speaking Consulting allows you to focus on what you know best, without worrying about the expense and energy needed to find and hire a full-time statistician.

Contact us to discuss more specific ideas for your project. We are available by phone, e-mail, or in person. There is no charge for this initial consultation, and we will let you know the analyses that we would perform and the results that would be provided.

Our Clients

Our Philosophy

In addition to helping your organization, we also strive to improve the community and world around us.  We donate 5% of revenues to nonprofit charities including UNICEF and Kiva, as well as local food banks and animal shelters.